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Our Story

The pineapple has served as a symbol of hospitality and a warm welcome through the history of the Americas.
Our vision was to create an environment where parents and children felt as though they were in an atmosphere similar to their own home, feeling both nurturing and secure the moment they walked through our front doors. This sentiment has been the core philosophy of PCA since our inception.

Beth, John, and Thomas Moran founded Pineapple Cove Academy in April 2003. The Morans have been long-time entrepreneurs with a culmination of life long experiences that led to the creation of Pineapple Cove Academy. Their goal was to create an early-learning educational facility to foster and teach children during their formative years, crucial to a youngster’s future success. Together, John, Beth and Thomas imagined, created and implemented what today is Pineapple Cove Academy. 

Director interacting with family

Family Communication & Partnership

We know it takes families, teachers, and our management team working together to provide the ultimate in quality care and education for these future Pineapple leaders who come through our front door. School founders, Directors, Assistant Directors, and Teachers are available to families every day. We value the parents’ input, support, and confidence in us. We encourage you to partner with us in a variety of ways. Become involved; read our lesson plans, parent newsletter, become a Parent Action Team (P.A.T.) member and join us at Pineapple Cove Academy special events.

Pineapple Cove founders, administrative team, and teachers are proud of our commitment to families. A working partnership must be just that - working together in every possible way. Effective communication is essential to the smooth functioning and well being as a community of families. Pineapple Cove Academy utilizes the Tadpole Parent App. This is an amazing way for us to keep our parents connected throughout the day.  Through Tadpoles we are able to send parents useful information; such as, what and how much their child ate, important nap information, and curriculum highlights.  Parents will also receive a daily report for their child, as well as, fun photos and videos throughout the day.  

Pineapple Cove Academy has an "Open Door" policy and we encourage you to visit at any time. Here are reasons why Pineapple Cove Academy should be your choice for your child.

• Coded door locks, closed circuit cameras, & secured fencing throughout ensures that your child's safety and security is paramount.

• Proven, structured curriculum promoting academic success

• Portfolios are assembled for each child. Teachers include art projects, writing samples, pictures and progress reports.

• Our special events provide an amazing opportunity for families to get together to celebrate in their child's Pinneapple Cove Academy experience.

• School Newsletter and calendars are distributed each month by Pineapple Administrative team.

• VPK Parent/Teacher Conferences are held twice yearly, keeping you informed of your child's progress.

• Gold Seal and APPLE accredited by the state of Florida

• Nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch, & snack) cooked on-site

• Specialty Programs: Peppy Pineapple Cheer Team, Pineapple Pro Sports, Pineapple Prima Ballerinas, Canvas & Clay, and Keiki Karate



Pineapple Points

Pineapple Cove Academy's principle goal is to dedicate ourselves to providing a safe, secure and encouraging environment for the healthy growth, development, and education of each and every child. Along with the instruction there must be a balance of fun and play time.

Pineapple Principles

We provide a nurturing and challenging atmosphere where children are motivated to learn through hands-on opportunities which build self-confidence, and encourage children to become creative thinkers. We understand that the parents and family unit are the greatest influence in a child's life. We are committed to working closely with parents and family to provide the best plan for your child's learning and development.

Safety at PCA

Another primary goal of Pineapple Cove Academy is to provide a safe environment for children and to instill parents with a sense of security while their children are in our care. We take this commitment seriously and have systems in place to ensure this goal is carried out. Our children are never left unattended or unsupervised while in the care of Pineapple Cove Academy staff and management team. Classrooms, playgrounds, and common areas are equipped with closed circuit cameras to allow constant monitoring by management. There is immediate phone access in the building at all times. Every classroom phone prominently displays all emergency contact numbers. The entry of PCA is equipped with a magnetic lock and coded key pad for added security. Owner or management team is centrally located to screen visitors upon arrival. A fence surrounds our entire playground and gates remain secured. Our entire staff is First Aid/CPR certified and trained in Fire Safety. Fire drills are conducted monthly and severe weather drills are conducted quarterly.


Pineapple Partners

Pineapple Cove Academy has been fortunate to build many business partnerships. We would like to take the time to mention these businesses and recognize them as a valued part of our professional family.